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Spanish Holiday Box

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Gluten free

The ultimate Holiday at Home Experience to be completely immersed in Spanish culture, history, food and music.

This can be enjoyed with the family, a special date night or as part of a tapas feast with friends celebrating the taste of your favourite holidays in Spain. 

You will receive:- 

Your Digital Library 

At the moment your box is courierd to you, we will send you a digital experience to ensure you are ready to experience the warm and vibrant culture of the Spanish people with:-

  • A beautiful brochure as a guide to Spain with details of Spanish culture, holidays, cuisine, history, landmarks and music. 
  • Digital tours of landmarks and art.
  • Spanish playlist, to transport your house to the heart of Spain.  

Your Travel Wallet 

When you open your box, you will first be greeted by your travel wallet, containing:- 

  • An introduction to Spain and it's culturally diverse regions. 
  • 6 boarding cards to be used as invites to your exclusive break at home, or place settings for your table 
  • Fun language tips, for you and your group to practice
  • Recipe card, with 3 easy to follow recipes for authentic Spanish dishes; Paella, Champignones Ajillo and Patatas Bravas 


Your Cooking and Tasting Experience 

To make the occasion complete and delight your taste buds, you will receive a traditional paella pan and authentic ingredients:- 

  • Paella Pan, traditional 30cm Vaello La Valenciana steel pan 
  • Paella rice 'extra catala', in a traditional cloth sack 1kg,
  • Smoked Paprika, Chiquilin Pimenton Ahumado, 75g
  • Piquillo Peppers, Diamir Whole Piquillo Peppers 185g
  • Paella Seasoning, Carmencita, 3 sachets. (Garlic, salt, paprika, cornflour, colouring E-102, pepper, cloves and saffron. 
  • Salsa Brava Sauce, The ultimate sauce for patatas bravas made by Ferrer, 320g Ingredients: Tomato, water, sunflower oil, sugar, vinegar almond, garlic, spices, salt, and stabiliser; xanthan gum. Allergens: Contains sulphites and tree nuts.
  • Manzanilla Olives, Diamir, 420g 
  • Spanish chocolate powder, for the most luxurious hot chocolate drink or sauce. Simon Coll, 180g. 

The pan is suitable for cooking for 2-4 as a large main dish or 5-8 as a tapas dish. 

All ingredients included are suitable for Vegans and wheat free.


Gift Wrapping 

Arrives in a white gift box with, quality tissue paper wood wool (hamper style) made from a sustainable source of shredded timber. The box measures 35cm x 35cm x 15cm.

Luxury Gift Wrapping option is available for £5.00. 
See the separate listing for gift wrapping for this option. 

All of our boxes are FSC regulated and made in the UK.


Gift Message 

If you would like to send this as a gift with a gift card, write your message in the comments section at checkout. This will be included at no charge and we will not include a receipt in the box.  





Simon Coll, Chocolate Powder Hot Chocolate: sugar, semi-skimmed cocoa powder, cornflour, natural vanilla flavour.

Salsa Brava Tomato, water, sunflower oil, sugar, vinegar, almond, garlic, spices, salt, and stabilizer: xanthan gum.

Paellero Seasoning Garlic, Salt (25%), Smoked Paprika, Corn Flour, Couloring E-102, Pepper, Clove And Saffron (2.5%). Each sachet contains seasoning for six servings of Paella (600/700g of rice). Allergy Warning: Contains Tartrazine.

Piquillo Peppers Whole piquillo peppers, water, sugar, salt, acidulant E-330 and stabiliser E-509.

Manzanilla Olives Green olives, water, salt, acidity regulator: citric acid, antioxidant: ascorbic acid

Chiquilin Paprika Dried, Ground Peppers