Why the Boxes?

I know the struggle to come up with fun meals to have at home that recreate the real flavour of your favourite destination. Searching the supermarket, trying to find the right authentic ingredients and then trying to scour the internet for hours for recipes, which may or may not be the real deal. It's a real headache! 

That’s why I’ve put together my holiday experience boxes. I provide the authentic ingredients, not the supermarket’s own version! You also get a detailed recipe card where I've tried and tasted the results. This ensures the meals are not only easy but exciting and full of the flavour of your holiday. All the boxes are beautifully packaged and delivered straight to your door. 

The world is a changing place and travel may not ever be as frequent again for any of us, but the experience boxes are all about a fun way to stay connected through a love of food and holidays. 

The boxes are being used by people to create the perfect date night at home, by families who want to liven up meal times and get the kids involved in the process and by groups recreating their favourite holiday or the one they wished they had booked. They are also a great gift for those that love food and travel. 



About Me

I'm Linda; I love to travel and I love food! After my family, these are my favourite things in the world.

Exploring a new place and experiencing the culture through the local food and drink is absolute heaven. Even better, is when I come home and recreate those dishes for friends and family.

I became a vegan 3 years ago as I'm committed to being as compassionate to other living beings as I can be, which is why all the dishes I create and the ingredients I provide are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and are easily adaptable to any palette. 



What’s in a Name?

In creating fun, connected experiences for our modern day ‘bubbles’ I felt an elephant was the perfect poster girl for my brand.

Elephants can teach us so much about staying connected. Not only is the matriarch in charge (I love that!) but they are great communicators and use a low frequency sound to talk to each other, even when they are miles apart, and can recognise over 100 different friends just from their calls.

Elephants really do have a lot of fun together; they swim, run, play with toys and baby elephants will even suck their trunk, much like a human baby sucks its thumb. They also spend up to 16 hours each day foraging, a fact not lost on me as I seem to spend 16 hours a day hovering by the fridge.


Stay Connected

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