How to Host Girls Night... Without the Stress!

How to Host Girls Night... Without the Stress!

So life is slowly returning to normal and you're finally ready to get the girls back together again...

But it's your turn to host!

You're knackered, right? Partner STILL doesn't know how to use a washing basket and managing the kids is a full time job in itself... How are you going to fit in organising a night with the girls at this rate???

I feel you! We've all been there! That's why I have put together these FREE handy tips and recipes for a Girls Night In... after all, you deserve a break!

Having held more 'Girly Nights In' than ol' Matty Hancock has managed to mess up in the past year, I have managed to whittle down the FOUR most important factors;



Some women don't do activities on Girls Night- but if you fancy trying a few, give these a go! 

These ridiculous games are a sure fire way to get you all laughing and, in turn, create some great memories to take away.

  • Don't Show Your Teeth

This little gem of a game is sure to have your guests howling with laughter! It's played best with 3+ players. You all agree on a subject you'd like to discuss eg- What you would take on a desert island. Playing clockwise, in a circle, each player names one or more object they would take with them on a desert island and a brief explanation as to why... Only your lips must be covering your teeth at all times- even when you're trying not to laugh!

This game is great because you don't need any props and the results are sure to be hilarious. A great ice breaker for introducing new friends to each other too!

  • Gossip Dancing

This spin on the classic game 'Chinese Whispers' or 'Broken Telephone,', will be a great hit if you have 6+ guests to keep entertained- the more the merrier, as they say!
All players stand in a queue with their back to the person behind them. The person at the back of the queue thinks of a short dance sequence eg- hand-jive, hop, spin, jazz hands. That person then taps the shoulder of the person in front, who then turns around and is shown the moves.

That person then has to replicate the exact moves, in the exact same order, to the person in front of them and so on up the queue until the person at the front of the line reveals the end routine!

  • Find The Gummy Bears

You place 10 gummy bears on each players' plates, cover them well, with loads of squirty cream. The winner of the game is the first person to find every single one of the gummy bears... only they MUST keep their hands behind their back at all times! Sambuca shot for any disqualifications!


The Pornstar Martini. Theee best cocktail in the land, am I right?

My local went bust shortly after I got the ingredients for this bad boi (I jest, I jest)... but seriously, even if it's just a little tipple to greet the girls at the door with, a Pornstar Martini is the way forwards!

Pornstar Martini

  • Vanilla Vodka (or just normal Vodka will do)
  • Passoa – Or another good passion fruit liqueur
  • Passion Fruit Puree – whilst this sounds a bit 'who the hell has Passion Fruit Puree', it does make all the difference. Yum!
  • Vanilla Syrup –  Just add a tablespoon of vanilla extract to some sugar in a pan, add a little heat and slowly stir until you have your vanilla syrup (not too much heat!) 
  • Lime Juice – Fresh or whatever!
  • A Passion Fruit – Yep, the actual fruit, if you're feeling fancy... but let's face it, nobody's here for their five a day!
  • Prosecco or Champagne –  for the shot on the side
  • Ice – ice babyyyyy...

1. Add ice to your glass and cocktail shaker to keep them cool while you carry out the other steps...

2. Pour in a DOUBLE shot of (vanilla) vodka to your cocktail shaker

4. Add a half shot of Passoa to your shaker

5. Pour in a double/single shot of passion fruit puree (dependant on how fruity and sweet your porn star.

6. Add your vanilla syrup to the mix

7. Squeeze a wedge of lime juice or add a half shot of bottled lime juice

8. Shake it like you got no bones in your body and you was made to be a celebrity (until it's frothy)

9. Chuck the ice out of the cocktail glass, it should be cool enough now

10. Pour it into the glass (preferably using a strainer)

11. Cut your passion fruit in half (if you have one) and use it as a little garnish on top

12. Pour out a shot of pro-pro or your champers, and serve on the side in a little shot glass


Aside from a few bags of popcorn, along with bowls of olives and peanuts, nachos are a simple yet yummy addition to any gathering.

Remember, the girls don't care if there isn't a three course meal prepared, they just need something yummy to take the edge off the booze munchies!


  • 1+ bags of Tortilla chips (depending on party size)
  • 1 jar of salsa
  • 1 tub of guacamole 
  • Cheese (if you're vegan or dairy intolerant, Applewood Cheese seems to melt the best)
  • Jar of jalapeños
  • An oven proof serving bowl/dish
  1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees
  2. Cover the bottom of your oven proof serving dish with tortilla chips, just enough to cover the bottom is great
  3. Using a small spoon, drizzle the salsa over the chips, followed by the guac and then the cheese 
  4. Add another layer of chips and repeat the drizzling of the dips and cheese
  5. Keep going like that until you reach the top of the bowl (or run out of chips)
  6. Once you've reached the top, go crazy with one last bit of cheese and scatter some jalapenos... nom nom
  7. Pop into the over for 15-20 mins, or until the cheese is melty and the chips are slightly darkened at the edges

Your house is an absolute pit because you've been trying to stay on top of everything else that life has delightfully decided to throw at you. You've got the girls coming round at 8pm, what do you do?

Chuck a couple of throw cushions on the floor, grab a few blankets, light a yankee to sweeten up the smell of that never ending washing pile and relax! If your girls care about the state of your place, get new friends!

I'm a massive believer in your vibe attracts your tribe, your besties are there to love and support you no matter how messy your pad is. Truth is, most of them will probably be happy to see they're not the only ones who are struggling to keep on top of absolutely everything.

I hope these tips help to ease the anxiety of hosting a Girls Night In.

It's been a tough year, so enjoy your Pornstar, laugh until you snort and get making some wonderful memories!

Lots of love,
Lauren xx


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